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HARDER SF ft. DJ Teeth (Berlin)

  • F8 1192 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)


HARDER the travelling party that continues the tradition of New York’s gay underground nightlife with a Berlin flair it's back for another SF edition.

"Throbbing house, techno, and dark disco beats fills the dark and intimate space where the hardcore party crowd comes together and leaves it all on the dance floor"

2 rooms to dance, cruise and play

Music by :

Steve Fabus
(Steve Fabus is one of the few club DJs whose career spans almost the entire history of the profession and art form itself. He has played at legendary clubs including the Trocadero Transfer, I-Beam and EndUp in San Francisco, Tracks and River Club in NYC and Does Your Mama Know and Probe in LA to currently in San Francisco he is co-founder and resident of Go BANG with Sergio Fedasz, Jimmy DePre and Prince Wolf ,he's played in London at Horse Meat Disco, in Berlin at Cocktail d'Amore and in Glasgow at Sub Club. Steve's hometown of Chicago along with New York has largely influenced him musically with the soulful roots of disco and house and he applies it to all the variations of the contemporary music he plays today)

Kelly Naughton
(Kelly Naughton is a disco dude, 80’s lady, and groove guru. He throws SF’s monthly DAD (Dudes And Disco) party and his kinks include colorful sunglasses, word play, and songs with lyrics)

Sindri ( LA)
(Sindri is a Los Angeles based dj and artist, originally hailing from San Francisco. Avid lover of Italo disco, house music, and techno. Having played parties across the country such as Honcho Pittsburgh, Fagbash Provincetown, Deep South Atlanta, and across the pond, Horse Meat Disco London, Daddy Issues Amsterdam, and Vujaday Barbados, to name a few. Sindri is definitely no stranger to dance music, queer nightlife, and the continuous twirl)

DJ TEETH (Berlin)
(Since I was a little boy music has been part of my life. First contact I remember is by Jem and the Holograms. And thereafter I blame responsible my mother's invasive fanaticism for 80s dance music who would mute the TV and play Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder records, over and over again. This passion would later take shape into my main hobby for collecting vinyl.

Added to that, a sort of addition to secretly renting vhs porn from my local video club and so its exposure to a more kinky side of things that lead to fantasize my imaginary dance club soundtrack and so to start experimenting with my first dj mixes.

Today, As Jerrica Benton would use her earrings to transform into Jem, i use my records to throw people in that holographic music fantasy frenzy that i used to (and still do),experience as a child.
If I would have to describe my music it would certainly be like a movie featuring the Care Bears, filmed in a sweaty sauna, and directed by Jeff (Striker), and style wise it would sound like a fusion between House, techno, Acid, with some analog synthesizers and a Belgian new beat twist, tainted with Italo beats)

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HARDER is a underground dance party for everyone no matter what your age, gender, sexuality, or fetishes may be. The only rule is to treat everyone with respect. Any trans-, homophobia, body shaming, sexism, racism or other form of disrespect will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the party.

Please refrain from taking any pictures or to using your phone inside the club so everyone can have a full and true underground experience (if you must text or use the phone please don't do it on the dance floor).

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