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Sitting in the heart of SOMA, f8 provides a culture of eclectic music ranging from House to Hip hop, Techno to Dubstep, Electro House to Drum and Bass and much more. Our main goal is music and everything else is supplementary, although we are proud to boast our intimate atmosphere, some of the best drink specials in SF and overall quality vibes from the staff to the patrons. Come one, come all. F8 is one of the last authentic clubs that remains vibrant till this day. We hope too see you on your next adventure.

Our multi-room 250 capacity venue is also available for private rental. Please inquire at info@feightsf.com or call 415-857-1192.

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Feel free to shoot us an email if you any questions or concerns. We also offer private rentals of our 250 capacity venue. Inquire below.

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1192 Folsom

San Francisco, CA, 94103