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Tue 10/21: Underground Nomads w/ DJ Santero | Chandala, Yvonne Michelle, Jennifer Faust, Pixie Fordtears

1192 Folsom - Every Tuesday - Keeping the Global Vibe Alive - Tribute to our Co-founder Cheb i Sabbah! This is our ongoing event page, which gets updated weekly with the upcoming Tuesday's lineups. This week ... October 21st: Santero | Chandala, Yvonne Michelle, Jennifer Faust, Pixie (Notes: Angela will not be able to make this week, but will join us next week. Also, instead of the scheduled duet with Pixie and Jenn, Chandala, Pixie and Jenn will showcase a trio from their recent Renaissance Faire performances). October 28th: Dulce Vita | Ayre Briar, Sadira, Millie Maddox, Carla Kerstens, Angela November 4th: Suresh | Jadeera, Azure, Isabel Perdomo, Mavi November 11th: Amar | FatChanceBellyDance, Wendy Marlatt, May Yang, Calamity Sam & Fast Lane I.T.S. November 18th: Santero | Amberetta, Chandala, Pixie, Bramani November 25: Dulce Vita | Ayre Briar, Angela, Sadira, Millie Maddox, Olu Normal weekly schedule: 9pm*: Music starts 10pm: Dance Performances start at or shortly after 10 DJ sets all night following performances, till 1am or later (*On certain weeks with larger guest lineups, we start earlier, at 8pm, have sliding scale entry fee and may not offer free early entry - but we will honor it if you ask). NOTE: Dear friends and supporters. Our co-founder and one of our inspirations for starting the Underground Nomads Tuesday nights has passed after a 2.5 year fight with cancer. The music and support of all of the people from around the world who stepped up to help him with his medical treatments and filled the dancefloors is what kept him going longer than the doctors ever believed possible. He was still coming out and DJing until just a few weeks ago. Holistic treatment kept him healthier for the time he was here than chemo ever would have. He chose the right thing so he could be present rather than slowly fade away. His message to all who love him is to send him off with meditations wishing him well on his journey into the next realm, instead of being sad. Thank you all who joined us in person or via live stream for our Meditation / Prayer Session for Chebiji on Tuesday 11/12/13 in his honor, celebrating his life and music. If you wish to see and hear the live feed, links are at on the Cheb i Sabbah Page. Underground Nomads nights from now forward will be a tribute to the life and music of Cheb I Sabbah. We will be on a regular rotating DJ schedule, with occasional changes due to tour schedules. Check the website for updates and latest schedule. We continue showcasing the finest and most beautiful dance talent available in the SF Bay Area and beyond, bringing a different mix of performers each week. -------- Underground Nomads features residents DJ Amar, DJ Sep and Dulce Vita - and Cheb i Sabbah (honorary resident, co-founder and inspiration) in spirit - 4 of the Bay Area's most eclectic DJs breaking barriers of genre and culture. Each of the resident DJs will be spinning monthly, with additional guests dropping in from time to time. We will also have nights where any one of us may drop in and crash the party to play a set too. Resident Dancers include FatChanceBellyDance, Zoe Jakes, Calamity Sam, Verbatim, Kae Montgomery, Rose Harden, Surreyya Hada, Shanti Jourdan, Tatyana, Millie Maddox, Jennifer Faust, Masha and more. Special Guest dancers coming through over the next few months include The Lady Fred, Kami Liddle and the list shall grow rapidly as this new event grows. --------------- We are excited about our new venue in SOMA, F8, with a great sound system and dance floor, awesome bar and lounge area, and friendly staff. Easier parking too, and BART access. We will be starting earlier, at 9pm. Come early for happy hour snacks and cocktails. We continue showcasing the finest and most beautiful dance talent available in the SF Bay Area and beyond, bringing a different mix of performers each week. ------------------- Begins at 9pm (8pm on some nights), kicking off with dance performances between 9:30-10 following a warmup downtempo DJ set. 21+, $5 Cover on resident nights, Free before 9:30. 2-for-1 before 11. $5-10 sliding scale cover/donation on Special Nights/Benefits/Fundraisers. Nobody turned away for lack of funds. Drink Specials each week. Help us spread the word by sharing this event with your friends. We truly appreciate your support.

Tue 10/21: Underground Nomads w/ DJ Santero


( ( ( HOUSEPITALITY ) ) ) has gone and done it again with an exclusive booking of one of Germany's (and dance music's) biggest talents and ambassadors, a chameleonic force with a plethora of genres at his command: ::ROMAN FLÜGEL:: (DialLiive at Robert Johnson, Germany) Opening set by ::MIGUEL SOLARI (Housepitality | SF):: Groove Lounge: ::MOSSMOSS (As You Like It | SF):: **rare low tempo set** So yeah. This is happening. The underground superstar himself, Mr. Roman Flugel, will be playing an exclusive set for all of the denizens of the House Pit. From an unassuming beginning in the town of Darmstadt in German, through all of the world's best clubs, in collaboration with some of the greatest producers and DJs in the world, and on his own, Roman Flugel is a juggernaut of dance music amazingness. He plays a blend of genres and is comfortable with all of them; from the gritty, jackin' Chicago Trax that got him hooked, to Berghain techno, to music far in 'leftfield.' We are honored to be able to host an artist of this calibre. You should come. :) Opening up (from 9-11pm) is Housepitality co-founder Miguel Solari. He's going to bring the choicest cuts from his amazing vinyl collection and get everyone hyped. He's real damn good and he doesn't play out enough. Don't miss out on this session. In the back, one of our favorite Housepitality guests (and people): AYLI resident Mossmoss. He's played techno for us on several occasions (and completely upstaged the headliner, in one instance). He'll be playing a rare low-tempo set in our groove lounge. You won't get a chance to hear him play these tracks often, so you should definitely take this chance.... ...the only issue will be having to decide which room to be in at any given moment. And that's how we like it at Housepitality. We got you. xo - the crew The details: FREE before 11pm with RSVP RSVP at otherwise $5 before 10pm, $10 after FREE champagne from 9pm-10pm $5 Jameson (with mention of Housepitality discount) Streaming LIVE at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roman Flügel It all started with one of these Chicago Trax compilations on DM/Streetsounds. As a reaction to his thirsting for more of these crazed beats from overseas and with a view to his tight budget, the greatest hits of these expensive, imported 12” singles were soon released in the form of a compendium. This opened Pandora’s box, for very young Roman Flügel, too. Innocently given to him by his elder brother as a present (“He probably had no idea what he was about to unleash and just wanted to give me some new music”), the dazzle of the unrefined and feverish dance music, furnished with just a few drum machines and inexpensive synthesizers, turned the whole world upside down for the cultivated music pupil from Darmstadt. After several evenings at Sven Väth’s renowned Omen club, few kilometres further up north, and his mind was made up. Memories of the atmosphere at the legendary Warp or Underground Resistance label nights has put a smile on Flügel’s delicate face ever since – a man who would also make a fine figure as a literature lecturer, poet or thinker. “LFO’s bass, once they had set up their massive range of equipment, was unbelievable", he says laughing. It didn’t take long before the well-trained ear tried out more than just classical melodies. Little by little, he collected a vast array of equipment, bringing forth his first sound experiments and enough courage to give a demo tape to indie fan (that’s what music magazines like Zillo used to call people like that back then) Jörn Elling Wuttke. The latter was a well-known face in Darmstadt’s music scene and often enthused about new electronic music. In him he had found the right partner and Wuttke could hardly believe his spellbound ears. DJs und Delirium record sellers Ata and Heiko MSO from Frankfurt felt the same. At first they thought someone was making fun of them. It sounded too authentic and unique. The music Flügel and Wuttke had presented to their label Ongaku and Klang Elektronik as Acid Jesus or, rather, Alter Ego, couldn’t possibly come from the little neighbouring town Darmstadt. In Frankfurt, that kind of sound made people think of Detroit. The rest is history and forged an almost holy alliance. Speaking of holy: a humid summer’s day, a crate of beer and a studio in a garage sufficed to found a new label by the name of Playhouse for Holy Garage and to create that certain “surprise” which still excites house clubs today. Comrades-in-arms such as Isolée, Don Disco alias Losoul and Ricardo Villalobos made the label the number one address. So they went on, history was written and the nineties flew by in a jiffy. His degree course in music was in the way: “It seemed obsolete somehow, just to be analyzing church sonatas all day when there were so many interesting things going on around me. When, on top of that, the only semester on modern music was cancelled that year, I decided to leave the university.” Luckily for us all, actually. The electronic intellectual’s productivity is virtually unparalleled and Roman Flügel, the producer, DJ and label co-owner of Ongaku/Klang/Playhouse has meanwhile become a gentle giant in the German electro scene. With his own personal style and the privilege of being independent from the usual constraints of the music industry. A free spirit instead of a sheep. His solo project as Soylent Green (see the latest “La Forca Del Destino” compendium) is just as much of a must as his Alter Ego project with Wuttke, rigorously affirming techno down to the very last detail. He and Wuttke also count as techno Teuton Sven Väth’s favourite producers, who booked the team to produce a series of his own music. Roman’s work as Eight Miles High and Ro 70 show his quieter side, while the remixes (e.g. for Daft Punk, The Human League, Primal Scream, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue) and tracks under his own name (just think of the Arcade rave of “Geht’s Noch”) are light dancefloor affirmations. Roman also champions the cause of this in his job as an entertainer. Tried and tested by the stadium and pop hit “Rocker”, Flügel and Wuttke can be proud of being able to set any auditorium in the world on fire with their live set. DJ Roman Flügel can say the same of himself. Be it his sets at Offenbach’s Robert-Johnson, Amnesia on Ibiza or Berlin’s Tollhaus Berghain/Panorama Bar: instead of disappearing in trivial and meaningless elevator clicks, he prefers to make his way through 20 years of “rave”. Contemporary music that includes bleeping house or quirky techno meets futuristic Italo-disco and electronica devoid of all provenance.There was a time when you’d call that kind of sound acid house, released cheaper by the dozen on compilations. It all turns full circle again. -------------------------------------------------------------- Miguel Solari Vinyl player since 1995. Co-creator and lead captain of San Francisco's weekly Wednesday night affair, Housepitality and SS Records resident.. "Trust us, we got you!!" -------------------------------------------------------------- Mossmoss Mossmoss (aka Mattie Bowen) is a Scottish born dj and producer with an intense interest in explorative music. With a keen ear and eye for detail, he is an artist by nature. His wandering sets paint landscapes of light and dark patterns, textures, and strange melody, heavily relying on atmosphere and tension. Mattie's inspiration draws from the organic details of existence, the tiny pieces most overlook in exchange for the big-picture rush of an ever changing modern world. His mind deeply set to explore these facets and to share his exploration in all forms to those that might look and listen. Mossmoss currently resides San Francisco and draws on The City and its colorful nightlife for constant immersive inspiration. -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy handcrafted cocktails by our very own groove lounge mixologist. World class acts, world class music, every Wednesday night.. We got you! Located at F8 1192 Folsom Folsom St. at 8th St., SF Streaming LIVE at 9pm-2am | 21+ | 3 Rooms


Thur 10/23: Evening of Good Taste 7-10pm

Nosh This chocolates and local brewer Hugs Mitts will be delighting your taste buds with gourmet chocolates and fine brews, as they are artfully paired just for you. While you enjoy these delicious pairs, your ears and eyes will be entertained as well by Bay Area's local dance and musical talent. TICKETS: Just $24 buys your 3 chocolates + beer tastings and allows you access to the dance and musical pleasures of the Evening of Good Taste. $10 Just for the show, if you are not purchasing the tastings but would still like to attend. TO PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE, please click here Pairings are limited. We encourage you to purchase tickets online to avoid missing out. Nosh This chocolates will be selling other delicious flavors in addition to the tasting flavors. However, Hugs' beer is just to accompany the tastings. Encourage him to make more! Don't fret, my fellow booze-lovin spirits, F8 will have a fully-stocked bar as well. (drum roll) THE BEER 1. Chocolate Macadamia Nut Porter - Brewed with Madagascar grown cocao nibs, from Dandelion Chocolate Company (SF), which adds a nice chocolate aroma/aftertaste. Malt supplied by the local homebrew shop, Brewcraft. Organic macadamia nuts balance the slight hoppy notes. 2. Northern English Brown Ale - This brew has a dark to amber color, with low levels of buttery/toffee/nutty and caramel notes. Flowery aspects come through from the hops, but this style is mostly malt driven, with moderate sweetness. It should finish relatively dry, with some butterscotch and possibly fruity notes. A touch of Amaretto, to balance with the almond in the chocolate. 3. German Hefeweizen - This is a pretty highly carbonated style, which will bring out all aspects of the chocolate. Has a wheat driven malt character. Hop levels are low, so as not to clash with the wheat and Pilsner malts. THE CHOCOLATE 1. Honey Walnut Fleur de Sel Caramel --- Named a 2014 Good Food Award Finalist and is made with locally-harvested Bay Area Bee Company honey and Fleur de Sel. This floral caramel is studded with organically-grown Old Dog Ranch walnuts and dipped in 72% cacao Guittard chocolate. Available in 2-piece packs and 8-piece boxes. 2. Almond Crack --- 2014 Good Food Award winning sister product to our popular Bacon Crack. This is a flaky butter-toffee made with darkly toasted organic Kashiwase Farms almonds, Gilt Edge Creamery butter, organic, fair-trade cane sugar and healthy dose of esprit du sel. We then dip that in 72% cacao Guittard chocolate. 3. AB&J --- the newest addition to the Nosh This family, uses fine chocolate and local single-varietal fruit INNA Jam, made from organic fruit grown within 150 miles of our Emeryville kitchen. THE MUSIC DJ Amar Dan Neville accompanying Stephanie. THE DANCERS Calamity Sam Millie Maddox Isabel Perdomo Rachel Kogan ...more to come! May be even some surprise guests. Oh and of course, this event is 21+, kids! Please bring some tip money in case you're moved to give a little more to the wonderful and talented performers and bar staff. They appreciate it more than you know! New location is F8 1192 Folsom St. San Francisco.

Thur 10/23: Evening of Good Taste

Thur 10/23: F-Stop feat. DJ Rafael | Nebakaneza !!!FREE!!!

No Cover. 2 for 1 drinks til 12am. Dance Hits

Thur 10/23: F-Stop feat. DJ Rafael | Nebakaneza !!!FREE!!!

Fri 10/24: Mystopia Presents: Bump in the Night

This year on October 24th… As SF ghouls from every scene, are closing in for Halloween Follow the beats that make you move, stay alive, and find your groove Come shake and dance with our monsters bright – when Mystopia presents - Bump in the Night - We'll find what keeps you up ‘til dawn – candy, demons, or your song A DJ lineup to make you dance askew – put your claws together for our ghastly crew: -Eerie Ed Aten -Boogeyman Brian Urmanita -Bloodcurdling Bradley P -Evil Jester Josh Bukstein -Alarming +Angles So as you party to our beats, and bump your uglies with our treats We’ll answer the frenzied screams and calls – with our promise to thrill you most of all Don't be afraid, just hold on tight – join us for a killer… Bump in the Night

Fri 10/24: Mystopia Presents: Bump in the Night


Popgang's new monthly is back with a special Holloween edition. This month's headliner, BEDROCKK, is a recent SF transplant via Denver with a nack for blending hip hop and future bass in a couldron of RnB styled vibes. Additionally we've got the usual suspects of the POPGANG roster along with some of our friends in the back room. Plus its Allison Abe's Birthday so you know things are going to turn up unexpectedly. Line Up: BEDROCKK (Dirty//Clean) MANICS (DJ set) MARCELLUS TENDERLIONS NITEPPL Backroom: Celebrating Michelle Hasenkamp's birthday Pilotek ( Sebastian Rodriguez ( Johnny Stress ( Free before 10:30 with RSVP at $8 pre-sales $5 Walk Ups before 12 $10 After midnight


Sun 10/26: FLACO (Liquid V) + SUBMORPHICS (Shogun Audio) @ Stamina Sundays

BOOM!! Closing out October we've got two Stamina residents who've been absolutely killing the game - FLACO who recently returned from an impressive European tour, and SUBMORPHICS who's had a killer year of releases and is set to embark to Europe himself next month! Support from Lukeino & Jamal! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ++ FLACO ++ (LIQUID V, Innerground, Good Looking, Stamina) Collecting records in 1999 was the start of a serious obsession with Drum & Bass for me. I grew up in Florida, where electronic music had a very big scene, and began to write my own tunes in 2000. From there, I have been signed to over 20 international labels including Innerground, goodlooking Records & V Records. - See more at: The sounds and samples that I tend to use in my music definitely have a certain style that pertains to my production. I use a lot of R&B vocal samples and house/early techno influenced synths and pads. My goal is to get everyone on the dance floor, keep it interesting and fun enough to make the people stay on their feet. ++ SUBMORPHICS ++ (SGN:LTD, Liquid V, Hospital, Spearhead, Innerground) Submorphics (Greg Axelrad) has made his name with soul-drenched, deep, emotive, nostalgic yet forward-thinking music. Starting from the very bottom, Submorphics eventually rose through the ranks of the DnB scene, now releasing on only the top labels in the genre: Shogun Audio, Hospital, Liquid V, Innerground, Good Looking, Spearhead; etc. Drawing on eclectic influences from his formative years in Detroit and Chicago, Submorphics' sounds have been heavily supported by a who's-who's list of A-list DJs, yielding praise from both sides of the Atlantic. Now based in San Francisco, Submorphics continues to relentlessly complete new music, always stepping up his game, while touring the US and Europe as much as possible. As a DJ, Submorphics sonically alloys disparate styles; the grimy and the smooth, the hypnotic and the astonishing. 2014 sees the release of the acclaimed "Burnside Park" EP on Liquid V, followed by a string of highly-anticipated releases on Friction's inimitable Shogun Audio and SGN:LTD imprints. Stay tuned for much from Submorphics, a rare talent whose focus, drive and unique vision set him apart as one of the genre's ones-to-watch for the future... ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ + Stamina weekly residents LUKEINO // Bachelors Of Science, Code Recs, Sublife JAMAL // Commercial Suicide, Project 51, Code Recs, Formation ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Live Painting by + Alexa Dunham + ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 1192 Folsom St (between 8th St & Rausch St) San Francisco 10pm-2am 21+ ★ ★ ★ FREE ★ ★ ★ Big BASS Weekly Drink Specials

Sun 10/26: FLACO (Liquid V) @ Stamina Sundays

Food. Art. Music. Just for fun.

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