Showcase for Eclair Bandersnatch

06 April 2016

Showcase for Eclair Bandersnatch

About the Artist:


Prolific graffiti writer, cultural provocateur, political activist, social satirist? She is all of these: a creative force of nature, using clever wordsmithing & raw sexuality to seduce you into seeing the world through her eyes, on her terms. She forces us to recognize the irony of the human condition. Financial inequity, social injustice, sex and gender rolls are just a taste of the agenda sweetly whispered in your ear, or brutally slapped across your face by her highly recognizable hyper sexual vamps and vixens, who unapologetically tell it like it is.”

-Donovan D. of Donovan’s Lights Out! Lightshow,
FB Admin of Psychedelic Lightshow Preservation Society,
Analog Visual Extraordinaire & Dear Friend of Eclair & F8


*From the Curator:

I’ve followed Eclair’s work incessantly since I was a teenager. I’m terrifically pleased to finally meet her, and showcase her work! She is easily the most widely distributed street artist in SF, and after countless happy moments of discovering her work across the City, I am absolutely honored to showcase her intricate and intriguing stencils here in our venue.

Keep an eye on the sidewalks for her evolutions… it is so very important that San Francisco continues to celebrate authentic, engaging paint!

For further reading on this West Coast Royalty, dig the interview:

For more yummy things to look at, search the healthy #eclairbandersnatch on Instagram, it’s a treat!

Our bartenders will be happy to assist you with a purchase. Thank you so much for your interaction as an audience ♥

Demitria Ruiz-Sauliere, F8 Art Direction