Surface Tension Techno Helloween: Antenes, 400 PPM, HOM

Date : 10 / 27 / 2017
Time : 10PM
Address : 1192 Folsom
Tel : 415-857-1192

Surface Tension Techno Helloween: Antenes, 400 PPM, HOM

We’re coming up on our four year anniversary (save the date, November 10) and realized we’ve never thrown a party on Halloween weekend … so why not have a little fun in the process?

Introducing the SURFACE TENSION “HELLOWEEN“ party featuring:

• Antenes (San Francisco live debut)
New York-based DJ, producer and electronics artist Antenes operates a laboratory of self-made sequencers and synthesizers using vintage telephone equipment built in the name of sonic and spatial exploration. Known for her inventive soundscapes and eclectic DJ sets, Antenes treats the studio as a space for sculpting emergent patterns, textures, and percussion layers. Drawing musical influence from the curious and ephemeral sound-world of outdated telephone systems, her productions and live sets often integrate sounds reminiscent of pulsing analog relay switching systems, errant radio transmissions, cross-continental echo, signature drones and message interferences between the wires.

• 400PPM (aka Shawn O’Sullivan) (DJ)
Uncompromisingly dark techno-affiliated sounds courtesy of stalwart New York DJ and producer Shawn O’Sullivan, who released their debut album as 400PPM (don’t Google that name unless you want to think about the end of the world) earlier this year on British label Avian (helmed by previous SURFACE TENSION guest Shifted).

• HOM (live)
All-hardware acid reign from this nomadic Bay Area producer and artist, affiliated with KATABATIK in Oakland and Motor up north in Seattle. Expect swirling, visionary, psychedelic dancefloor sounds.

++ your SURFACE TENSION resident DJs:

Justin Anastasi
Nihar Bhatt
Jason P.

++ aux room sounds by:

The Creatrix

F8 1192 Folsom
10 p.m.-4 a.m.