Robot Ears + DTE: Ø [Phase]

Date : 06 / 2 / 2017
Time : 10pm-4am
Address : 1192 Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel : 415-857-1192

Robot Ears + DTE: Ø [Phase]

Over recent years Ø [Phase] has blown minds in the global techno community with his deeply hypnotic releases on imprints like Token Records. His signature DJ style draws feelings of curiosity and euphoria from its listeners and has seen him play special nights all over the world including regular pit stops at Berghain. He’ll join us right after the Movement weekend in Detroit, and there couldn’t be a better time to grace us with his talents.

Room 1:
Ø [Phase] (Token Records // UK)
Max Gardner (Direct to Earth, Shuffle Co-Op // SF)
U-SRD (Robot Ears // SF)

Room 2:
Muon (Direct to Earth, Excise Records // SF)
Deyan (Aftertouch // SF)
Tariq (Direct to Earth // SF)

Here’s to techno, Here’s to you
– DTE & Robot Ears