Parameter & Surface Tension with Lucy (Extended Set)

Date : 07 / 29 / 2016
Time : 10pm-3am
Address : 1192 Folsom
Tel : 415-857-1192

Parameter & Surface Tension with Lucy


Parameter and SURFACE TENSION Present

Lucy [Stroboscopic Artefacts, Berlin] (Extended Set)
BWO [Vague Output, Baltimore]
Surface Tension DJ’s Nihar, Justin Anastasi, Jason, and CZ

Lucy is the nom de techno of Italian-born and Berlin-based Luca Mortellaro, one of the genre’s most exciting and ambitious DJ/producers. Since 2009, Mortellaro has focused his work through his own Stroboscopic Artefacts label, building an imprint and personal discography that has established itself as one of techno’s finest. Since the label’s debut, Lucy has found a home in Europe’s premiere nightclubs with regular gigs at Berghain and Corsica Studios, and been invited to tour the United States, Australia and Japan. In addition, he’s become a mainstay at internationally respected festivals like Sonar, ADE, Time Warp and Club2Club, where he has showcased his uniquely deep yet dancefloor-driven sound. Those who haven’t been able to see Lucy in person likely have seen him on Boiler Room or downloaded one of his mixes: He’s a regular guest on the CLR podcast, and has also put together immersive listening sessions for Resident Advisor, Electronic Explorations and XLR8R.