ILLIVATED: Ryury / Checkers / Dilated / Numerous & O'Snap: Tag Set

Date : 03 / 3 / 2016
Time : 9pm-2am
Address : 1192 Folsom
Tel : 4158571192

ILLIVATED: Ryury / Checkers


Welcome to the start of a journey dedicated to slapping bangin beats backed by heavy-hitting low-end bass.

The goal of Illivated is to elevate what our scene represents by booking the most authentic and limit pushing DJs and producers we can find.

And of course, what fun would it be without you shaking your booty on the floor?


Ryury (Soundpieces)



Numerous & O’Snap (tag set)


This is our first of many monthly shows, come get down with us as we get Illivated.

Hip Hop / Bassline / Ghetto Funk / Booty House / G-House / Psyphy / MId-tempo and more!