Housepitality: Jeniluv b2b JP Soul / Sharif Laffrey/ Brouhaha

Housepitality: Jeniluv b2b JP Soul / Sharif Laffrey/ Brouhaha
Date : 07 / 26 / 2017
Time : 9pm-2am
Address : 1192 Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel : 415-857-1192

Housepitality: Jeniluv b2b JP Soul / Sharif Laffrey/ Brouhaha


(Roam Recordings)

(Discos Capablanca )

The Disco Volante
DJ Patrick

Jeni’s sets are cerebral and bass driven, she draws from timeless house records, dark acidic disco and techno. Respected globally for her dj sets and contributions to dance music, Jeni has played historical venues, well known parties and festivals worldwide.

Jeniluv, originally from the Los Angeles underground followed her heart to San Francisco in 1998. Playing San Francisco’s disco scenarios, holding residencies, and throwing events for a decade in the golden gate city. Jeni returned to Los Angeles in 2007 where she continues to dj and produces the event Making Shapes. As a producer, she releases on Roam Recordings as JP&Vulinej with partner JP, dance floor comrades for two decades.

JP Soul is a DJ/Producer from San Francisco most known for his energetic and creative DJ sets and his prolific streak of productions on his label Roam Recordings as well as Meant Records, Leng, Rotten City, Whiskey Disco, and forthcoming on Nein, Logical, Emerald and Doreen, and La Dame Noir.

A long time staple of the San Francisco dance music community JP Soul plays regularly for some of SF’s more discerning clubs and promoters such as Sunset Sound System, Housepitality, Monarch, The Great Northern, Mighty, and The Top/Underground SF among others. He has also recently become a fixture in the LA warehouse scene hosting Roam parties with his partner Jeniluv and djing for seminal promoters Who is Jack and Better Late.

As the boss of Roam Recordings he has released music from some top artists from the West Coast such as Tone of Arc, 40 Thieves, Anthony Mansfield, and Jason Kendig along with international artists Zombies in Miami, Tronik Youth, Heretic, DJ Rocca, Eric Duncan, Black Spuma, Lokier, and many others. Though a seasoned dj and producer who has been releasing music since 2001 (and djing for far longer), JP Soul is really hitting his stride now with a slew of forward thinking dance music coming out regularly along with an ever growing number of noteworthy dj performances.

Sharif Laffrey has been playing records and making music for 20 Long Hard years. Born in Detroit, Michigan – he’s worked on the line checking camshafts for Chryslers & at Submerge for Mike Banks, at the same time. Toured asia with Juan Atkins and once had to chase a grown man through the streets at night after the man crawled into his living room through an open window. An active member in Detroit’s early rave scene he lives in daily fear that one day someone will develop the 8mm film that was taken during some of those nights and put it on youtube. Sharif remembers booking all foreign gigs with a Fax Machine – and would still do it that way, but nobody else has them anymore. He drove a black Trans-Am from 1990 to 1995ish. Acid, tons of random stuff, tough, sexy lovely, slow. Freak mode. Spanish doppelgänger Hugo Capablanca released Sharif Laffrey’s ‘TURN IT UP’ ep on his Discos Capablanca label to massive praise, he is dealing with The Fame. More to come. Slowly.


Brouhaha is a Bay Area homegrown Music and Arts collective that delivers an oddball, forward-thinking experience to dancefloors in San Francisco, Oakland, and beyond. Conceived in a living room in 2013, the ruckus quickly grew into a community of friends and music lovers alike.

Despite the collective’s growth, the mission has been the same since it’s inception: to provide diverse, club-ready music in an attitude-free environment. At the heart of our events, the house party that started it all lives on. From the house to the warehouse… Brouhaha ain’t no laughing matter!

Free champagne from 9pm-10pm.
As always , free with RSVP before 10pm @
Or get a $5 presale ticket through resident advisor, look for that link in this invite.