Housepitality ft. Roam Recordings Release Party (Free w/ RSVP)

Date : 02 / 7 / 2018
Time : 9PM-2AM
Address : 1192 Folsom
Tel : 415-857-1192

Housepitality ft. Roam Recordings Release Party (Free w/ RSVP)


Come help us celebrate the release of:

Bacchanal by JP Soul w/remixes by Hardway Bros, In Flagranti, and Thomass Jackson out Feb 9th


Lights of Fire by Shiny Objects w/remixes by Man Power and Undo out Feb 23rd

Djs for the Night:

(Housepitality SF)

(Roam Recordings)

(Roam Recordings, Om Records, Disco Knights)


(Roam Recordings, Sunset Soundsystem)

JP SOUL is a dj/producer from San Francisco most known for his impeccable DJ sets, his prolific streak of unique productions, and his widely acclaimed record label Roam Recordings. JP got his start djing raves on the East Coast of the US in the early 90s, held a weekly residency for 8 years starting in New York and then moving to San Francisco, and has been releasing music since 2001. He has collaborated with the likes of the 40 Thieves, Anthony Mansfield, Sleazy McQueen, and Jeniluv (as JP & Vulinej). In addition to releasing music on his own label he has releases on Nein, Leng, Whiskey Disco, Rotten City, Emerald and Doreen, Logical, La Dame Noir, Wicked, and Meant Records.

As an internationally recognized artist JP Soul has played top events such as Block 9 at Glastonbury, Red Light Radio in Amsterdam, La Dame Noir in Marseille, and upcoming at the Alfresco festival in the UK along with several undergrounds and beach parties across Europe. JP Soul is also a long time staple of the San Francisco dance music community where he plays regularly for some of SF’s more discerning clubs and promoters such as Sunset Sound System, Housepitality, Monarch, and The Great Northern among others. He has also become a fixture in the LA warehouse scene hosting Roam parties with his partner Jeniluv and djing for seminal promoters Who is Jack and Better Late.

As the boss of Roam Recordings he has released music from well respected artists such as The Emperor Machine, Zombies in Miami, Jonathan Kusuma, Curses, Autarkic, Hardway Bros, Eric Duncan, Pillowtalk, Black Spuma, DJ Rocca, Rodion, Iñigo Vontier, Damon Jee, Concret, Thomaas Banks of Psychemagik, The Hacker, Tronik Youth, Heretic, and many others.

MIGUEL SOLARI, Vinyl player since 1995. Co-creator and lead captain of San Francisco’s weekly Wednesday night affair, Housepitality and Acid Test SF resident. He’s been bringing this city more weekday parties than we can count and opening for us this special evening.

SHINY OBJECTS (a.k.a. Christopher Smith) is the founder of San Francisco’s Om Records. A seasoned purveyor of deep & techy grooves, he’s produced and released over 100 tracks and remixes under the Shiny Objects moniker and other aliases. As a global DJ, Chris has shared his sound across dance floors in mysterious lands such as San Francisco, Ibiza, Dubai, Tokyo and Brazil for over 20 years. Also a founding member of the Burning Man camp Disco Knights, this Shiny guy is no stranger to bringing deep psychedelic vibes to the playa. When he’s not bringing the funk, Mr. Objects is hard at work running the Om label and getting shit done in his role as founder of SF nightclubs Monarch and The Great Northern. He also founded the nightlife events platform Up All Night which connects people to best parties in their cities.

GALEN founded Sunset Sound System by setting up a generator and speakers at a park in Berkeley, California every sunday to spin records he didn’t get a chance to play anywhere else. Word spread and soon many hundreds of people we’re dancing and picnicking while watching the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. Today, Sunset Sound System is on the move with incredible boat and outdoor parties as well as the annual Sunset Campout Festival.
Galen developed his signature sound through these weekly jams and as well as his technically proficient yet fluid dj style. The psychedelic music scene of 90s San Francisco provided a launching point to his extensive vinyl collection the spans many genres from classic disco to post-punk to roots reggae and modern house music. His sets can travel a diverse range yet maintain a conscious groove of cohesiveness, always appropriate to the time and place. They are thoughtful, yet never pre-planned, with artfully-timed track selections that spark any dance floor, appealing to the old school just as much as the new.
Music productions have become a more frequent mode of expression for Galen. Release collaborations with Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Lopazz, and Shiny Objects having laid the foundation to new solo endeavors. A handful exist now and are becoming more frequent as his bass & groove laden production style becomes more defined.

Free champagne from 9pm-10pm.
As always , free with RSVP before 10pm on our site.
Or get a $5 presale ticket here.